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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  February 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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continuing breaking news right now of the coverage we have brought you. police in beverly hills confirming the scene where she was found beverly hilton was found, there is a lot of questions how she died. we have the doctor joining me now in the studio. you made an interesting observation. we know from casey stegal they are going through the possessions and see what was the last items.
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you say the doctors should be worried. >> the police will be checking at the scene and any medications that might be present . given the circumstances if there is doctors in los angeles who prescribed anxiety medicine or sleeping pills for whitney, they will be concerned about what the eventual outcome will be. >> that is not indictive of any about the case. we know what happened. >> that's right. >> we will know more, the coronor and police will know more after tomorrow morn whether they will release it to the public or not is not clearr. if she died of a natural disease employees heart attack or brain hemorage that should be released right away. if the police say we don't
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know the cause of death is, we are waiting for toxicology, that will be a clue that the drug problem is still on the table. >> this happens on the eve of the grammies. a premier event in hollywood and really around the world. we want to take a look back now at the life and career and incredible encouragement and accomplishment that she brought to the world now of whitney houston. ♪ the greatest love of all. >> from the moment whitney houston broke in song, she was bound for greatness. she performed first at age five and solo at age 11 . young whitney was steeped in music and beauty and voice propelled her in the spotlight. she began modeling the same year and gracing 17 and
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glamour. >> her premier album spun three number one singles . how will i do, and greatest love of all. it spoke over 13 million and shattering deby. the next album was whitney. it was the first to enter number one but first artist to score seven number one hits and surpassing the milestones by the beatles and bee jays. she tock off time to get her personal life in order. she took up with bad boy rhythm and blues bobby brown and they married before 1800 well wishers . their marriage was far from fairy tale.
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whitney houston was an all night party girl. they raised their daughter bobby chris tin a. >> thank you so much. >> whitney decided to try her hand at acting. the bodyguard banked over 400 million world wide and boasted the best album sound track. ♪ >> she co-produce co-starred in cinderella. the preacher wife. and whatever whitney houston touched, seemed to turn gold. >> in los angeles fox news. >> i am watching the team over at they were the first ones earlier to hint that there is manage to all of the rumors that were swirling a short time ago, and that whitney houston had died and they are reporting that saying according to their police contacts they have sought a
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search warrant in the death of whitney houston. something that the doctor said would happen and they will look at every drug bottle and possession and try to get a clue as what happened to her. we are able to confirm what other media are reporting we'll bring that to you . have casey stegal outside of the beverly hilton . clive davis, media mogul is gathering in the annual pregamy festivities. we had on someone who goes, the former celebrity stylist who goes to the party every year and said no doubt this will be most attended in the history of clive davis giving it. what is it looking like out there? >> harrison, there was talk earlier of cancelling this event altogether when this tragic news came down, and then we understand that clive davis himself said it was not
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going to be cancelled because whitney would not have wanted that and that is why all of the celebritis and the number of people that we have seen continued to show up here within the last hour or half. gladys knight, another ledge yend britany spears one of the newer entertainers to join the scene and tony bennett and the list goes on and on and the red carpet is abuzz as everyone is talking about this. i have a tweet from one of our viewers saying that maybe it is not fair to describe it as a party-like atmosphere. i don't know that it is party-like. i am sure that all of the people that are coming out for this event are inside, talking about this news, that broke. but again, i want to set the scene for you outside of the beverly hilton hotel, there are so many people out here,
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just general members of the public that came out here. they have iphones and cameras around their neck and snapping photos to document the moment in history. i hate to make the parallel of michael jackson and i covered that after the news of him passing away and funeral and court proceedings when dr. conrad murray was on trial a few months back and there are eerie celebrities to this. the news is so shocking. michael jackson the king of pop. whitney houston was the queen of pop if you will and the news is really just spreading like wild fire and you have so many people not only los angeles and beverly hills residents, but a lot of tourive. la is the second largest place in the country and everyone coms to hollywood to get a
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glimpse of the hollywood sign and make the rounds . it is a saturday night and it is very busy . the eve of the grammies and a lot of folks from all over the country, in fact are out here and some of the people like my photographer can pan over there and they are getting ready to run across the street. there is a heavy police presence here, a heavy security presence and they are not allowing members of the public or press up very close to where all of the activities is going on. it is a true circus outside of this hotel, very busy hotel. golden globes were held here not long ago . and a lot of celebrities stay at this hotel when they come to la and hollywood. i want to talk you through the time line. i know we are repeating ourselves for the viewers that are watching us continuously . we are having new viewers
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joining us all of the time and reports out there about the last several nights and what whitney houston was up to for the last several nights and one of the last public appearances was thursday in the true hollywood club at an r &b party and one of our celebrity analyst said photos was snapped of whitney going in looking beautiful and looking well, but came out with her daughter, her leg was bleed scratching on her arm and she looked disoriented. we need to be careful in our reporting of alleged drug use. some people indicated she ws trying to get her life back on track. she didn't look well thursday night and last night friday night report insiders in the beverly hilton where whitney was staying that she and a large group of friends were partying in the hotel bar.
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you know, it is not uncommon for high profile people to be here and having a good time, but some of the people inside that saw this, said that the crowd was boisterous and drinking heavily and appeared to be partying quite heavily and that was last night. so a little bit better idea of the accounts in terps of what she was up to in the last few night leading up to the big party, the clive davis event and then the grammies. >> we ought to be careful. one thing about the virtual wod and we want to be careful not to speculate. but it puts thing in context, the superstar life that the celebrities lived. one of our guests on set said it is sureal and not the reality that we imagine. casey stegal we'll check back as the news warrants at that
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party. that is what clive davis' people call it. pregrammy party and no doubt a different tone and the gathering set to begin shortly. i will hand it back over to the viewers for a second. you guys that are driving the things that will be said your thoughts and feelings and love. steven ranting writing on twitter. only whitney houston sent chills up my spine with her voice. god bless you, whitney. you made moy home state proud. and gin ayou said you don't know what happened and be responsible and her death is news enough. a lot of that on twitter tonight. be careful with how you handle it. the importance of the death investigation warrants that reportedly is sought at this point . and more about such a tragec loss, she had a powerful
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singing loss and she will be greatly missed. and if you want to get your voice heard on fox news channel, we are happy to include it as we report the death of whitney houston. our coverage continues . we are getting details of how long the crime investigators have been at the scene. we'll talk to somebody on the other side of the commercial break on what is happening inside of that hotel. stay with us. we want to protect the house. right. but... home security systems can be really expensive. to save money, we actually just adopted a rescue panther.
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>> fox news alert the death of whitney houston age 48. we are staying on the story right now. we are going to try, i believe that was a life look in los angeles. we are going to tryy to show you the scene outside of the staple they had a huge rehearsal for the grammies going on and with the death of
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superstar singer whitney houston they stopped that rehearsal earlier today after the immediate reports were coming out about her death. once those were confirmed, they stopped the rehearsal and kept it closed for a bit and reports they have resumed the rehearsals inside of the grammy's staple center that we are looking at live in los angeles. star magazine senior editor dill an howard joins me. there is another scene tonight that you can tell us about where whitney houston's body was found on the fourth floor of the beverly hilton. crime investigators. >> many people are requesting why crime investigators. we have talked about drugs and whether that was a contributing factor. but the interesting is, that
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is what law enforcement are attempting to find out. paramedics was on the scene after the alarm was sounded by her personal security guard. they were within 20 minutes and workog her to no avail. and reports about the search warrant it would be fair to say that that search warrant will attempt to see what is in the room and if there is a crime scene that is preserved and evidence related to the case will be bagged and fingerprinted and dusted by law enforcement to figure out a prescription or b illicent drugs were involved. the fact of a search warrant there is reason for law enforcement to probe this. >> dillan, you have covered scenes like this with star magazine . we have health ledger .
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talkog set here in the commercial. you had so many celebrities pass away that had drug use in the background and we are not speckute not saying that had anything to do with whitney houston's passing away. but talk about the celebrity for a second. in terms of the response tipecal because they are celebrities? >> absolutely. but in thentious vent someone dies in mysterous circumstances as whitney houstons had. law enforcement are duty bound to do the investigation and people watching fox news might be circumcent e sect, but whitney houston, her history was doted with history drug use . on the record interviews with people who have been drug dealers to her in the past and saying she was spending thousand a week on the drugs
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and look at her last international tour. she traveled to australia and actually walked off stage a number of occasions because her body was not up to being able to perform on stage. >> dillan, you were there. can you tell me how long the crime investigators stayed on sight? -- site. >> the hotel room is sealed off as i understand it. there is a large police presence in the hotel and cuonly imagine this is the entire weekend plan entail conversely hollywood is paralyzed by the news and the hotel is one person described it to me a mad house. you have invited and media guests that were invited to cover clive davis' party and you can imagine with a criminal investigation and law enforcement investigation.
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last thing law enforcement want is media on the scene and it is a difficult scenario and one that will continue on throughout the night. we don't know if her body was taken from the hospital. >> we are getting cut off by the computer. we'll be right back everybody.
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>> i am harris falkener. we look live outside of bev arely hills, the death of the whitney houston. i am asking all of you to communicate with us and sharing what you are saying on twitter tonight. your comment vuse are getting us to tip off the conversation. christial amber thank you for tweeting me. with everything happening in the world it is amazing how an
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iconic and loved person can make you stop and remember whitney. >> linda colins, watching the fox news alert. sad, death. and i hope they let us know how she died and what killed her. linda colins, tweeting, scary, i hope it was not drugs and could be an aftermath of drugs. we'll not speculate. we have medical experts here to talk about in general. we know that she had admitted to abusing drugs as late as 2009. dorothy is here from indouch magazine. dr. michael seagal joins me now. mark and i call you mike. >> it is an honor. >> no. iment to come to you. mike is a nice gentleman but you are mark. and get your point of view. you said you don't need to
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speculate or go down a road of what might have happened today. history can teach us things. >> our viewers can learn from this. the viewer that you referred to. she lived close to the edge and was a superstar, and she had so many enablers around her. it is terrible how physicians participate harris in getting prescription drugs and drugs to the celebritis and the point i want to make for the viewers, even if it is from cocaine in the past or crack used in the past, that impacts the heart in a big way and can hurt you. >> we are not saying in any way shape or form that we know about the cause of death. it is interesting how you come back to you. doctors writing prescriptions. you are both doctors. >> yes, one of the big problems, you saw it in the michael jackson aftermath
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doctors overprescribe drugs to everybody. mark has commented on that in the past and especially celebrity figures whom they don't want to tell and say no to. >> a lot of the medications, suppress breathing and if you take them in combination . pain killers and sedatives. you can stop breathing withouting. i am not referring to her. >> we don't know anything that was going on some of the respects, dorothy in touch magazine. some of the reports report to partying in recent hours it is hard to say what plies a role but you look at the total picture. what went on and even the last 36 hours? >> we are hearing tmz reporting the night before and night prior, she was at the hotel bar with friend and drink laughing and carrying on.
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and under normal circumstances, here is a celebrity out on a friday night enjoying herself. but the problem with whitney, we have seen the pattern of behavior where she got a little bit out of control. she was out thursday night with her daughter bobby christina. she came and looked great and had a fun time, but when she walked outside. that's when you saw the wear and tear. it is just so sad what happened to her. she tried to revamp everything and gave a interview to access hollywood saying she felt so bless humbled that she was able to do what she loved and you could tell that she did count it as one of her blessings and she had a lot of hope that she would be able to turn it around. unfortunately it is not what we are seeing.
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>> alfredo simpson said stop speculating. >> i respect it all. it is part of what people are talking about tonight as you have crime investigators trying to figure out exactly what happened to celebrity whitney houston. do we are time -- one of my colleagues is on the phone now. and news anchor on fox news channel. >> hi, harris. i know your husband is a musician and toured with whitney houston. >> yes, my husband toured with whitney in the my love is your love . behit whit was in tip top and that is how i got to know whitney. my husband was on the tour and i went out to join them in various citis and countries and many times after the show, everybody got back to the hotel, we went downstairs to
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the lobby and all fun and sometimes we had the boom box and we danced. i had nothing but fantastic things to say by whitney houston. i am saddened and she is an icon and will remain. my heart and prayers and thoughts go out to her family and i can't imagine ow -- how her mother must feel. >> you can get away from the human sight. but you bring us back. you come from a musical celebrity family and talk about having been around whitney houston and i know in your background, you have seen a lot and been around so much talent. she is an icon. >> because i am a relative and i am here, i don't know who it was. so i don't want -- i don't know who it was. i heard the word, we


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